MP Jewels House founded since 2004, operating business in Penang, Malaysia. Dealing in sale of wide ranges of colored gemstones. Our mission is also to provide our customer for the best services. Majority of our business concept is to provide custom-made design jewelry to our customer and advise on how to use their suitable lucky gemstones with suitable name to enhance your life tremendously and also provide a gemological consultation and jewelry appraisal.

We provide the following Professional Services:

Professional Gemstone Testing & Identification Services.
(MP Jewels In-House Lab)

Chakra Checking & Healing Therapy Services.

Professional Gemstones Consultation to enhance your Luck, Relationship, Career, Chakras, Auras, Health & Wealth. (suitable lucky name, lucky numbers and lucky colours)

Professional Geomological Consultation Services.

Special Custom made Jewelry Services.

Gemstone Sales & Supply.


Life is a vibration. All mineral, plant, animal or human has its own form of vibration. When life giving white light flows through us, connecting us to the universal life force that we are alive and in perfect health and this life energy is well for many healing systems.

Chinese, we called it as “CHI” while Indian Ayurvedic system called it as “PRANA”. When this light energy is blocked and disharmony is caused between the body, mind and soul and a state of disharmony or disease follows. The main things of blocks of energy are caused by our stressful lifestyle, bad diet, lack of natural light, negative thoughts and various of pollution.


In fact, the word aura comes from the Greek word meaning a breeze. The aura is a two-way transmitter and receiver connecting us to the vibrations surrounding us. The aura forms an oval envelope around the physical body for our greatest protection. When our body becomes weak, our aura will becomes de-energized and it may cause mental or emotional imbalances or eventually become physical illness.

The aura is made up of three major layers extending outwards from the physical body. Which are the physical, etheric, astral, mental bodies and spiritual body.


The chakras are seven major centres within each level of the aura, joined together at our body intervals along the spine. They are moving, absorbing energy all the times. The chakras are part of our bio-energy system. The electro-magnetic energy circulating our body stimulates various glands and maintaining hormonal balance and affecting our whole physical metabolism.

The seven main chakras are called Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown. When our body chakras are good with no blocking energy, it means that our physical body is healthy. When our chakras are blocking or absorbing bad energy, it may cause our physical illness.

Another one important chakra, we called as 8th chakra, which is Thymus Gland. This 8th chakra’s function is to increase our body immune system.

Gemstones is a mineral contains of all different material of chemical composition and atoms and its taken millions of years to crystalise and formation as crystal structure in the earth. When a mineral kingdoms are mine out from earth, they receives a life force energy from the sun and other planetary sources. They emit powerful vibration and frequencies that affect our whole body and can heal, balance and attune our body, mind and spirit.

When our chakras are blocking or absorbing bad energy life force, gemstones is also the important and effectiveness sources to balancing, emitting benefit energy and clearing bad energy from our body through our chakras.


As I mentioned before, all gemstones have their own universal life force energy, it is an effective healing properties to improve certain health problem and balance our body, mind, spirit, emotion and aura.

One of the effectiveness sources to improve our health problem, auras and balance our body, mind and spirit are by wearing suitable gemstones and receives a life force energy and vibration through the sun and other planets.

Another effective method is practicing through meditation by using gemstones. Please note that do not simply meditate without a proper guidance and procedure.

Gemstone water and gemstone essence also a good effect for the healing therapy purposes.


According to ancient Astro-Numerology, natural gemstones transmit and resonate astral and piezoelectric powers. However, only good quality (Jyotish) and acceptable quality of gemstone can promote good fortune and vibration by the planets, while bad quality (Doshi) of gemstone have opposite effect.

Ancient gemological texts of Indian explanation, white light is composed of seven colours and two invisible colours blended together, there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, the others two invisible colours are ultra-violet and infra-red. They are actually cosmic colours of each planet.

According to our date of birth, our body can grasp only certain planetary vibrations. So by wearing the planet specific suitable gemstone, the malefic rays get filtered out and only benefit rays are allowed to enter to our body. The suitable gemstone can neutralize and allow our body to get only a balanced quantity of benefit rays and causing the planets to produce only good effect to us.

By wearing a suitable specific planetary gemstone is to enhance our individuals to alive with better life and luck as well as protection. Again, we are not changing anyone’s “Karma”.

If you are interested to know more about how to improve your AURA, LUCK, CHAKRAS. You may consult me by fixing an appointment.



Ruby is a powerful gemstone for people who are born under the influence of the planet Sun .

The benefits of wearing Ruby are that the wearer may enhance the amplification of energy, motivation, intuitive thinking, passion, sleep well and to create a confidence for themselves.

It may also improve personal health improving heart disorder, circulatory system in our body, detoxification of body, brain improvement and prevention and reduce nightmares and etc.


Pearl is an organic gemstone for people who are born under the influence of the planet Moon.

The benefits of wearing Pearl are that the wearer may become very lucky and gives the wearer mental peace, financial improvement, prosperity and it will prevent bad dreams from troubling us.

It may also improve personal health like curing eye diseases, piles, urinary trouble, high fever, asthma and etc.


Coral is an organic gemstone for people who are born under the influence of the planet Mars.

The benefits of wearing Coral are that the wearer will improve their monetary luck, to become more aggressive, reduce temper and prevent accidents.

It may also improve and prevent of hot flushes on the face, other bodily injuries like cuts/burns, blood diseases, muscular system problem, bone disorder and etc.


Emerald is a powerful gemstone for people who are born under the influence of the planet Mercury.

The benefits of wearing Emerald are that the wearer will enhance their memory, balance physical, emotional, mental problem, self expression and etc.

It may also improve the suffering in spinal region, fertility, depression, immune system, high blood pressure and etc.


Yellow Sapphire is a powerful gemstone for people who are born under the influence of the planet Jupiter.

The benefits of wearing Yellow Sapphire are that the wearer will improve their monetary luck, curing their carelessness habit, minimize their debts, prevent unusual spending spree, minimize worrying and over caring for others, improve gambling luck and etc.

It may also improve our body liver disorder, pancreas disorder, minimize of tumors, prevention of skin troubles, enhance circulation of blood in the arteries and etc.


Diamond is a powerful gemstone for people who are born under the influence of the planet Venus.

The benefits of wearing Diamond are that the wearer may enhance and enjoy their life, good fortune and success. BUT we know that diamond does not benefit each and everyone and some people wearing diamond may cause their relationship to fail and create family problem.

It may also improve their health problem like kidney diseases, reproductive organs, drives away from evil spirits and etc.


Blue Sapphire is a powerful gemstone for people who are born under the influence of the planet Saturn.

The benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire are that the wearer may enhance and bring success and prosperity, improve mind creative, enhance wisdom, spiritual achievement through humility and long life.

It may also improve and prevent paralysis, asthma, rheumatisms, teeth problems, bones problems and etc.


Hessonite is a powerful gemstone for people who are born under the influence of planet Rahu.

The benefits of wearing Hessonite are that the wearer may get some monetary luck, enhance of imagination, improve of creativity, confidence and patience.

It may also improve and prevent thyroid, mental depression, blood circulation, pituitary gland, toxicity, minimize of nightmares and etc.


A gem with Cat’s Eye is a powerful gemstone for people who are born under the influence of the planet Ketu.

The benefits of wearing Cat’s Eye gemstone are that the wearer may improves mental peace and more wealth, it will cause the mind to have feeling of oneness and feel more direct in all thoughts.

It may also improve and enhance of mental peace, stomach trouble, cure bile, cold, indigestion, menstrual diseases, removes physical weakness and etc.


The literal translation for Feng Shui means Wind and Water. The purpose of Feng Shui is a complete harmony among us and sensitivity with the natural order. Feng Shui has developed into a refined art used to enhance our luck and well being by practice of modifications of layout and orientation of our working and living places.

Chinese believe that feng shui covered three kinds of luck to us, which are :

  • The luck you make on your own called Ren Chia
  • The luck that are bestowed to you by heaven upon your birth called Tian Chia
  • The benefit things that come from your environment called Earth Luck

We can affect our earth luck and not heaven luck by practicing of feng shui Yin and Yang are two opposite forces active in our surrounding of our living. It changing combination of negative and positive keep the environment spinning creating Qi and Cosmic force that effect our daily living.

The union of Yin and Yang was said to have given birth to the Five Elements influence our life and feng shui revolves around the understanding of the relationship of the five elements, there are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

The five elements are interactive which stimulate and shape our life and importantly there is a natural order that leads us to harmony, prosperity and happiness.


Edmand Tan Kah Yeow , RGA, RG, AJP (USA), AG, PG (THAILAND), Crystal Healing Therapist ( UK ) has been involved in the gemstone business industry for more than 15 years.

In year 2003, Edmand Tan decided it was time to focus on the gemstones business on a full time basis. The very next year, he started MP Jewels House in Penang , Malaysia . MP Jewels House specializes in sales of colored gemstones with a mission to provide the best services to their customers.

MP Jewel House provides custom-made design jewelry to their customers and the most importantly is to advise them on the use of suitable lucky gemstones, lucky number, lucky colors, suitable names and suitable gemstones for healing to enhance our luck, health and life. MP Jewel House also provides gemological consultation, gemstones Identification, chakras checking and therapy.

Over the years, Edmand has done a lot of research and study on gemstones, as well as the use of gemstones to enhance personal luck and fortunes. This has become one of his key strengths and in fact, he has become a source of reference and consultation by others in the gemstones industry.

In year 2007, Edmand Tan has been awarded a “Planetary Gemologists” title from PGA Thailand and very few people qualified and obtained this title world-wide.

Always seeking to improve his knowledge and area of expertise, Edmand Tan has invested in further professional studies including advance level gemology study from USA , Thailand and UK . His string of professional qualifications in gemology, appraisal, gems vibration and therapy is indeed impressive. Edmand Tan is also a member of the GIA Alumni Association (USA), AIGS Alumni Association (THAILAND), PGA ( THAILAND ) and SNSH ( UK ).

Edmand Tan is a very experienced gemologist with a proven track record. He is certainly someone you can trust to give you the best advice on your choice of gemstones, and provide you with quality work.

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